An Inside Look at SEMA Show 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada – known as ‘Sin City.’ Catch phrase: “What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Well for a few short days in late October/ early November Las Vegas becomes the site of the SEMA/ AAPEX auto show, the largest show of its kind in the World.

SEMA is something to see in person if you are one who is even remotely into cars, performance, speed or poetry in motion. To attend the actual show one more be somehow affiliated with the automotive business in some capacity (SEMA is a ‘trade show’ event and therefore not open to the public.) However with no affiliation anyone can show up to the grounds that surround the Las Vegas Convention Center where there are spectacular exhibits, more car parts and accessories than you can shake a stick and even the occasional celebrity sighting and of course some amazing cars. Did I mention there are some of the most amazing customized cars you will ever set your eyes on?  Want to do a ride-along in a Mustang Roush race car that drifts across a parking lot at what appear to be unsafe speeds? Done – No pass needed! Not enough to entice you check it out? The weather forecast (at least for 2018) while visiting the desert oasis knows as Las Vegas is quite spectacular in late October/ early November.

Inside is different yet the same. Pretty much every manufacturer and aftermarket product manufacturer is represented at SEMA. It would be almost impossible for one person to take in every exhibit the show has to offer. Many exhibitors have custom built vehicles meant to show off and highlight their latest projects.

Some highlights of the show……..

What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not this time. I want to tell anyone and everyone who will listen.